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Pluming Installation

For those who are building a new home, a plumbing installation may be just one of the numerous of choices that the New York homeowner must make. Sinks, showers, bathtubs, and the like will all need to be decided upon. The choices are often made by taking into account the overall feel of the home and choosing products that fit seamlessly into that atmosphere.


Water heater

Whether you have a water heater problem—or you want to look into some of the new water heating technology that can save you money while eliminating the wait for water to get hot—just call Iland Plumbing and Heating.

  • Repairs, maintenance, installation of all types of water heaters (oil, gas, electric)
  • Water heaters accurately sized for your home and family, so that you always have enough hot water
  • Parts & Labor Warranty available.

Tired of waiting for water to get hot?  In less than two hours, Iland Plumbing and Heating can install a comfort pump and timer that will give you instant-on hot water at every faucet in your house. An indirect water heater is one of the best options because it eliminates the tremendous flue losses associated with gas-fired storage type water heaters but without the hot water limitations of tank less gas water heaters.